Real World Gaming comes to the iPhone

June 6, 2016 – Sensori Games announces it’s latest mobile game for iPhone and iPad, called City Salvation: Drone Wars. City Salvation is possibly the world’s first mobile game to allow game play in virtual copies of real cities. The game is free to download and play from the Apple App store ( the game your mission is to remotely control a military attack drone to protect downtown Dallas, Chicago and San Francisco from massive attacking robot mechs, which drop from the sky. Zoom over and between city skyscrapers at breakneck speed controlling your drone by tilting your iPhone or iPad.Cities such as Las Vegas, Boston and Tokyo,are planned to be added to the game and will be available to download for an in-game payment. After each level, fighting off waves of attacking robot mechs, the story behind the attacks is delivered by the drone dispatcher who tells you about the mysterious Noise which has almost paralyzed the entire population of earth leaving only a few people left who can function, like you the player! By the end of the 3rd city you defend you will learn the incredible secrets of who is attacking the Earth.

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