Save Dallas Submitted to App Store


Save Dallas has been submitted to the App Store.

I have submitted beta version 0.8 to the App Store. So now I wait. I have done the best I could to ensure all will be well with Apple but I will have to wait and see. Here are the latest updates to the Game:

  • Added Crosshairs aiming for Drone view
  • Added active tutorial for new users
  • Added camera shake when hit by lasers
  • Added camera shake when Speed Boost button is touched
  • Adjusted game mechanics to make playing easier
  • Changed the options menu
  • Adjusting scoring
  • Improved frame rate
  • Remembers HUD view or Drone view selection
  • New Drone
  • Space Drone is gone. Did not look like a drone really
  • New starting location for game on the Dallas map. Just the other side of the city but the lighting is better there so you can see the enemy more clearly.
  • You can now skip or exit out of tutorials at any time.
  • In-game payments are now hooked up to the App Store, in sandbox mode for now. If you want to test out in-game payments you have to provide me with a non-Apple ID e-mail address. Don’t worry, no money will be spent.
  • Mech drop out of the sky from higher points than before
  • Music! The game now has background music. It only works on the first level you play due to a bug in Unity. I will keep working on that.