From Testflight to Testflight

First of all, Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you enjoy tomorrow with family and friends. This year I include all of you in my gratitude for all the help you have given me trying out Save Dallas!

I have sent out a new update to the Save Dallas game via e-mail. If you do not get an email from Testflight then please find the Testflight app on your phone and install the latest build. Testflight has been a bit unpredictable for me to say the least so I have a new plan to move to the new Testflight version from Apple. This requires that I submit a version of the app to Apple as if I were releasing the product. It may take days or weeks to come back to me especially over the holidays. Anyway at that point installing new versions of the game and allowing other people to try out the game become much easier.

Here are some of the highlights since the first beta:

  • In later levels Robots drop from the sky in fireballs. See if you can shoot them while they drop!
  • Robots explode when destroyed!
  • Leaderboards are available via Game Center which is built into iOS on iPhone and iPad. In beta I am not sure if you can all access Save Dallas leaderboards?
  • Levels now go up to 11! Level 11 is the BOSS level and includes a giant Mothership which you have to destroy!
  • In-game currency is earned after each successful level and can be spent on upgrading things like weapons lock, shields, more ammo and fuel. It can also unlock faster drones!
  • In-game currency can be purchased, kind-of. The buttons look like you are spending money but right now you aren’t so feel free to spend away! The in-game currency is on me 
  • Splash screen shows a shot of downtown Dallas in the game
  • Photo button lets you snap a picture in the game and share it on Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr are supported)
  • After the first 3 levels are completed the user is offered D$10,000,000 to share the game on Social Media. Can you say viral attempt!
  • Speed boost button helps you zip over to your next enemy

There are more details but that is enough for now. I hope you get a chance to play with Save Dallas over the holidays!