Beta 2 is Here! With Shields!


Here is list of all the changes in Save Dallas Beta 2:


  • Shields! Upgrade to a drone with shields and you get protection from the enemy lasers!
  • The first 5 levels are easier to play.  Getting past level 6 requires buying upgrades in the game with in-game currency.
  • Only one free drone now.  The other 2 drones require unlocking with in-game currency
  • Drones have different capabilities including weapons lock and electromagnetic shields
  • You can now spend in-game currency on unlocking drones and upgrading weapons etc.
  • You can buy in-game currency but for now no real money is involved, so go ahead get rich!
  • You can buy the following upgrades for drones:
    • more bullets rounds
    • more rockets
    • more lasers
    • more fuel
    • can unlock Weapons Lock (not all drones have this)
    • shields  (not all drones have this)
  • No more speed slider
    • it was too hard to use
  • Added a speed boost button
    • Thank you Christian and Andrew for this suggestion
  • The enemy robots explode when they die!
    • Thank you Christian for this suggestion
      • I hope you like the explosion effect.
  • Complete Tutorial
  • Game Center integration for Leaderboards
    • If you want to compete with the other Beta testers then:
      •  Log out of Game Center before you run the game
      • Turn on sandbox mode in game center
      • Run the game and it will ask you to log into Game Center
  • New Menu User interface look and feel
    • I switched from the legacy GUI framework in Unity to the new UI which is all still in beta.
    • I replaced most of the menus and all of the on-screen UI with this new technology
  • Hovering problem improved
    • The drone falls now when you are slowed down by colliding with the mechs
    • This still needs to be improved however
  • The dead mech robots take weapons fire to make it more realistic (Thank you Troy for this suggestion)


  • Speed slider
    • Thank you Christian for your suggestion of a speed boost button.  Andrew had suggested this as well.
  • Just Fly button
    • It was confusing to people which button they should press.
  • Demo button
    • now there is only the Play button for simplicity and to avoid any confusion
  • Joysitck buttons (was available from options)
    • The onscreen joystick may return but I am not sure it was ever used
  • Game Analytics
    • I am switching vendors on this.  I plan on incorporating Flurry analytics

I will let all the Beta tester know about this update soon.  Be looking for more Testflight emails!

Thank you all for your help,