Save Dallas Beta 1 Feedback So Far


I have some feedback from a few of you.  Thank you for that.  I would love to hear from everyone. If a quick phone call from me would be easier please let me know or just call me at 972-880-5693.  I am happy with any way you want to tell me your thoughts.

Here is a short list of the feedback so far:

  • The game gets too hard too soon.  By level 4 or 5 it becomes impossible to advance.  I plan on smoothing out how hard the game gets to make the first 5 or 6 levels easier to play. I can tune each level to make the robot mechs smarter or dumber with their aiming.  Per level there is a range threshold I can adjust so they can see you within a specific range.   I am also going to introduce a force field for the drone, which is really going to help with this and make the game more fun.
  • The Loading menu is confusing.  You have 3 choices, Demo, Just Fly and Play.  For beta 2 I will remove Demo and Just Fly.   One button to press makes good sense for now.
  • The drones hover after hitting the mechs.  I need to make gravity more of a factor at low speeds.
  • It is hard to know when you have killed the robot mechs.  I am planning on large explosions when they die!
  • You can fly right through the dead drones, which is odd.
  • Beta 1 on iOS 8 is locked into portrait mode which the game is not designed for.  I have fixed this and so Beta 2 will work on iOS 8.

Some Beta testers still are not able to install the Beta via Testflight.  I have not forgotten you and please know I am still working on this issue.  Also please be aware that Apple (who owns Testflight) has just release a beta version of their new Testflight system which promises to be less confusing to everyone involved.   I hope so!  It looks like it will only be available to people on iOS 8.  Are you planning on upgrading to iOS 8?