Let the Beta Testing Begin!

First off, thank you for trying out my game! I appreciate any feedback you can give me. This is my first game and since I don’t play a lot of games myself I need all the feedback I can get to be successful. So he is a list of the things I am looking for but will be happy with whatever time you have to spare.

What you can do:
– Play Save Dallas! I am recording some very simple analytics that average out all game play across all players. Big brother is watching you! Kidding. Not really. No really. I wish I could see what each of you did but the service I am using does not do it.
– Be honest. Give me your first reactions good and bad
– I can easily adjust how easy or hard each level is. Each level gets a little harder. Give me feed-back on what would be the most fun for you.
– Got an idea for how the game could be cooler or more fun? Please let me know.
– God forbid you might find a bug or several. Let me know those too.
– How do the marketing materials look? Did you like the video of the game? The website: www.sensorigames.com, the Facebook page: sensori.facebook.com (coming soon ☺)
– Refer more testers to try out the beta of Save Dallas. Just let me know their e-mail address or have them contact me at rossm@sensorigames.com or ross@rossmelbourne.com.

Warning! Warning!
– The game is not finished. For instance it needs more and better menus and the tutorial is far from complete.
– I plan on putting out several beta versions, which will include bug fixes and more in game stuff.
– When you install a new version it may very well start you back a square one. This means it will not remember your high scores. Sorry about that.
– The 3D maps of downtown Dallas are not as good as Apple or Google’s, why?
a. The maps I use was all I could find and buy
b. More detail = more size and the game is already quite big for a mobile game.

Known issues:
– Share and Upgrade menu buttons do nothing right now.
– Ads will popup in the game. They are not going to in the release game. The ads will be show during pauses in the game like level over etc.
– Stuff is missing from the tutorial (help) screens. Like radar, first person view, weapons selection.

What is in Beta 1 of Save Dallas:
– Game Mode
– Demo Mode
– Just Fly Mode
– 1st and 3rd person views
– Weapons: Bullets, Rockets, Lasers
– Target Lock in First Person
– Level completion unlocks the next level
– Level selector where you can select which drone to fly for each level
– Options for showing help at start, 1st/3rd person view upon startup and on screen joystick controls.

What I am planning for Beta 2 and 3 etc.
– new drone
– Integrate with Apple Game Center to see who has the highest scores!
– Ability to spend the in-game currency on upgrades
– Locked drone which have to be unlock with in-game currency
– Upgrade choices:
o More fuel for longer missions
o More health
o More amo
o Force field!
o Speed boost
o Heads Up Display (HUD) to locate all enemies
– Social Media hooks for Facebook and Twitter
– Game story
– Lighter color mechs (robots) so they are easier to see at altitude

My ideas for the future:
– flying UFO enemies that shoot at the city and at you
– Different types of robot mechs
– More drone choices
– Destructible buildings?