The Vision


I have spent most of my career building software for business users. I built enterprise software that processed and stored data about people and other things like jobs. However I have always been interested in the digitization of all things. I have witnessed the initial digitization and commercialization of books, maps, music, video and more. More recently I have become interested in the digitization of physical things such as everyday items, cars, buildings and even whole cities. I believe we will see the emergence of a new kind of World Wide Web that connects 3D immersive places instead of web pages. Imagine being able to visit anywhere on Earth instantaneously. That is what we will all experience in the next 10 years. The new virtual reality headsets being beta tested right now by companies like Oculus Rift and Sony are an indication of the beginning of this new era of digitization and user experience. I thought would it be cool if I could experience this new era first hand and even take part in it’s development.