Let the Beta Testing Begin!

First off, thank you for trying out my game! I appreciate any feedback you can give me. This is my first game and since I don’t play a lot of games myself I need all the feedback I can get to be successful. So he is a list of the things I am looking for … Continued

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Learning Unity

In March of 2014 I started learning how to build visualizations and games using the Unity games engine. I experimented with some 3D models including one of the custom home we were building. I moved on to a city model called ‘Paris’ and made the ‘camera’ hover through the city streets and crash into everything. … Continued

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Learning 3D Modeling

In late 2013 I began to research 3D modeling, 3D printing and the 3D industry in general. I learned Sketchup by importing a 3D model of the custom home we were planning to build. I was able to ‘walk’ though the house and get an idea if the rooms were the right size and if … Continued

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The Vision

I have spent most of my career building software for business users. I built enterprise software that processed and stored data about people and other things like jobs. However I have always been interested in the digitization of all things. I have witnessed the initial digitization and commercialization of books, maps, music, video and more. … Continued

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